Senator From Idaho Proposes The Income Tax


United States Declares War On Mexico

Senator From Idaho Proposes The Income Tax

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Senator Stew McStattinThe seriously out of touch Senator from Idaho, Stew McStattin, proposed a bill on the US Senate for the first ever permanent income tax.  Never since the introduction of the property tax has a Congressman been so severely chastised by his colleagues, and the general public as well.  Of course Nevada Representative Jack Flacciter made shock waves back in 1914 when he tried to gain support to make it legal for States, Counties, and municipalities to charge a property tax on land owners.  After the firestorm of controversy he was forced to resign in shame.  Virtually nobody supported taking power away from property owners by in effect making them renters of the government.  Especially since the government could take away their land if they refused to pay the tax.

Now 100 years later we have the foolish Senator Stew wanting the government to take a portion of your hard earned income.  His rationalization for this enslavement of the citizens is that “the government needs more money to do more good things for the people”.  Yes that is a quote from this complete moron with a 2% approval rating.  How he got elected nobody knows but the current barrage of insults he’s getting on social media indicates he’ll be resigning or recalled soon!

The problem with the income tax is that it takes power away from the citizens.  It gives government all your information, and turns you into their slave who needs to compile, and keep paper work while forking over your money to them.  If you don’t pay then it places fines, and possible jail time upon you.  This is known as extortion!  Currently all levels of government from local to Federal have gotten buy without an income tax, and have remain Constitutionally limited thanks to that.  The Federal government has performed it’s limited set of functions fine for hundreds of years via Tariffs, and interstate commerce taxes.  The other levels of government have various sales taxes, and minor fees to fund their governmental services that mostly lie within protecting the citizens Constitutional rights.

Thankfully Senator McStattin’s dangerous Income Tax bill was laughed off the Senate floor as fellow Senators forced him to leave the Senate chambers. Upon further investigation we find that the Senator has unsavory links with a British banking cartel that secretly calls themselves the “The British US Colony Reclamation Society”.  The same basic cartel that tried to institute a national bank in the United States back in the late 1700’s.  Subsequent attempts were exposed in the media as an attempt by the British empire to covertly gain shadow control of the United States government by pulling our financial strings.  We have a feeling good old Senator Stew may be facing serious charges of treason!

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United States Declares War On Mexico

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MexicoOver the past year there has been numerous blatant incursions across the US border by illegal Mexican immigrants, drug cartels, corrupt Mexican police, and even the Mexican army.  Despite peace talks between US President Julia Davis, and Mexican President Pepe Gomez, there seems to be an insane amount of corruption in the Mexican government along with propaganda blaming the US for Mexico’s rampant poverty, and violence.  In reality it’s the drug cartels, and multinational corporations that infest the government that are responsible for the third world conditions in one of the richest nations on Earth!  These various forces of evil have been attempting to intimidate US officials for several years in an attempt to make drugs illegal here so they can push forth their culture of violent profits.  As you may know most drugs were legalized many years ago, and are now regulated by the State governments.  This intimidation has included several for ransom kidnappings, and even brutal slayings linked back to the drug cartels, and indirectly to the Mexican government.

After the break down of peace talks, that included President Gomez claiming that the Texas & the Southwest USA were his for the taking, Congress passed a nearly unanimous declaration of war resolution.  President Davis promptly signed the declaration yesterday, and we now have the full brunt of the US military on the Mexican border.  The order to invade Mexico is expected to be given at any moment by the President. In response Mexican President has threatened to launch his dozen or so nukes thought to be stolen from the former Soviet Union.  President Davis responded by saying,”I will wipe Mexico off the face of the Earth with our extensive nuclear arsenal if one Mexican missile of any type enters US airspace!”  This tough talk is welcome by some 83% of Americans who are boiling mad by the Mexican atrocities over the past year along with the influx of ungrateful Mexican illegals who have been inciting riots in many cities.

As apart of the war effort President Davis has ordered a one time domestic military operation authorized by Congress called Operation Expulsion.  A mass round up of all illegals within a one month period starting when the war is over.  All illegals will be sent back home wit their entire families since being born here doesn’t equal citizenship despite the widespread misinformation spread by the Mexican regime.  The Mexican nationals will be detained to determine if they committed any crimes.  If not then they will be promptly deported across the Mexican border.  Those found guilty of any crime will be sent to a maximum security prison.  At the end of their sentence they will then be expelled to Mexico which should be a US territory by that time.

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