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Solution To The Zone Alarm Vsmon.exe High CPU Slow Streaming Video

If you opened msconfig to figure out why you can never have a decent streaming video experience, and realized it’s Zone Alarm’s wondrous Vsmon.exe what can you do.  I’ve search high, and wide across the internet, and found no solution.  The fact is this seems to happen with all third party firewalls that I’ve tried.  Youtube, and Netflix will work great for some reason but other websites don’t because they’re so scared you’ll steal their precious videos.  Hence the streaming BS!  The only solution to this is to set Zone Alarm to not start next time you start your computer, activate the Windows Firewall in the Control Panel Security Center,and then re-start the computer.  Your streaming video experience will then be more bearable.  Also try making your browser window smaller, and see if the video will shrink.  So many sites have to make their videos so large with no option to make them smaller.  This helps use less power along with seeing if the video has any controls to watch in a lesser quality format.  If you’re having these issues then HD will never be a reality because apparently you need some kind of supercomputer for that.  If only these websites could simply use the same video delivery process as Youtube or Netflix.  If you’re even having issues with those sites then there’s probably something more going on with your computer than the firewall, or you simply have a crappy computer.  Click here to buy a cheap refurbished one, and hope your video problems vanish forever!

Is Your Computer Loading Slowly?

Internet FirewallIf your Windows Computer has started inexplicably loading slowly then the issue might be your Firewall.  Especially if the software insisted on you updating it recently.  It seems like these days updating software is like Russian roulette if you don’t have the most up to date operating system.  I’ve noticed over the years that eventually an update of the Firewall will result in Windows programs loading a lot slower than usual.  Sometimes it’s just one program clogging everything up because the Firewall suddenly has an issue that it’s not telling you about.  Even if it’s listed as a trusted program.

At that point you usually can’t reclaim the old Firewall software so all you can do is switch to a new one.  I volley back, and forth between the handful of third party Firewalls available for download on the internet.  Ironically I end up using the Firewalls that caused issues in the past after a decent amount of time.  No doubt some update eventually fixed the issue as I download the latest version.  Simply installing a different brand of Firewall may be the solution to your slow loading Windows system, or other issues, if nothing else seems to work.  If the third party Firewall applications aren’t working for you then go back to the default Windows Firewall.

An internet router acts as a hardware firewall in comparison to a software firewall that installs directly on your computer.  If you only have a router, and no firewall on your computer then the router may be the issues.  This might mean buying a new router.  If you have both installed then disable your software to try just the router, and then connect directly to your internet connection without the router while leaving your firewall software activated so see if it’s one or the other causing Windows to load like a snail.

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