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Never Use Paypal With Walmart!

Paypal-WalmartPaypal is a wonderful method of payment that allows you to avoid giving your financial data to various websites that accept it. For reasons unknown some merchants can’t seem to handle using Paypal as a payment option. Either there’s an initial error in the transaction, an inconsistency in the data you provide to the merchant, orders are never fulfilled, or some other unknown error occurs.  In the case of Walmart when using Paypal they have a nasty knack of canceling your order after you think it’s gone through.  Claims of unverifiable information take place. Plausibly the information in your Walmart account doesn’t match the Paypal account causing them to have a hyper-security fit. This despite the fact you’d need a user name, and password to access said Paypal account to begin with.  This ridiculousness could be somewhat akin to using someone else’s credit with their authorization yet the merchant pops a security fit!

Unfortunately the simple cancellation of your order isn’t the end of it.  The money they charged to your Paypal account sits in limbo for one week
since Walmart doesn’t appear to have the mechanism nor the time to simultaneously cancel the account at Paypal.  Even when you contact Walmart customer service. In addition this so called temporary transaction can’t be disputed in any way with Paypal.  A simple order cancellation button would be nice!  So if Paypal charged your credit card or checking account on behalf of an incompetent merchant then that money sits there remaining unavailable to you for one week.  At the least this is annoying, or perhaps a major inconvenience if you are on a fixed budget.  Whatever the issue is with using Paypal at Walmart it would be nice if they’d instruct their customers on what is expected to utilize Paypal as a payment method with them! They certainly don’t seem to inform anyone even after the fact!  Walmart can be a great place to take advantage of various deals on products that might be more expensive elsewhere.  However when shopping at Walmart online avoid using Paypal at all costs!