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How To Use Facebook As A Business Or Page

How To Interact On Facebook Without Using Your Personal Identity

FacebookFacebook users have always had the ability to create business, fan, and group pages under their personal account.  They also had the ability to log on as that page in one click to interact on Facebook free of their personal identity.  Simply a must when acting on behalf of your business, or page whose subject is separate from your own.  Unfortunately Facebook recently ended that power, and didn’t bother to explain things which is their usual inexplicable course of action!  Thankfully the video above explains that things aren’t as bleak as they seem for those of you with one or even multiple pages of a non-personal nature.  There are various drop down menus that substitute the business page log on.  This will allow you to comment as your page, like comments, and like other pages as your Facebook page, business, or group when doing so with your personal identity wouldn’t make any sense. Unfortunately the one thing you lose is the ability to be logged on as your page so your Facebook friends can’t see you’re online.  However there are ways to organize, and classify friends in order to accomplish that.  Hopefully Facebook will not further tweak things, and impede business in their obsessive quest to collect as much information about people’s personal identities as possible!  This is one of the many reasons why Twitter is the superior social media platform!