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How To Solve The Odd MagicJack Ad Internet Explorer Script Error

MagicJack Computer Internet PhoneThis seems to be one that’s been around for years as I browse the internet.  Although there’s no recent ones.  If you own a MagicJack internet phone device then you know the thing isn’t the greatest quality, and it sometimes wigs out but I guess what can you expect for $30 or so a year?  Recently without the MagicJack even active, but merely resting in the Windows System Tray, a grey box with a script error popped up on the screen informing me of an Internet Explorer Script Error:

An error has occurred in the script on this page

Line 59

Character 6

‘BigAd’ is undefined

Code 0

http://render.talk4free.com/ads/5YEAR/index.html?dat=Some Crazy Long URL!

It makes no mention of MagicJack so at first I thought I had a virus because I don’t even use Internet Explorer, and haven’t opened the program in months due to Microsoft refusing to update it for XP users!  I finally figured out for whatever insane reason the silly ads that appears in the MagicJack window are some how funneled through an Internet Explorer program that isn’t even active.  For the life of me I can’t figure out why IE is in the mix!

So how do you stop this ridiculous pop-up window coming up every darn minute?  Open your worthless Internet Explorer then:

1.) Click Tools on the Main Menu
2.) Click Internet Options
3.) Click the Security Tab
4.) Click Restricted Sites
5.) Click Sites Button
6.) Enter the URL http://render.talk4free.com/, or whatever site is listed on the script error window, in the box under “Add This Website To The Zone”.
7.)  Click the Add Button
8.) Then close everything out.

If all goes well not only will you get rid of the annoying error but also all ads within MagicJack.  After all why should we have to see ads if we’re paying money? Especially if it has to cause errors!  Heck we’re all ignoring them anyway just like you’re ignoring the ads on this page. LOL!  Yeah take that crappy Wacky Magic Jacky!  If you want your ads on there then get your act together, and make it work properly! Also could potentially low quality service, and errors be a ploy to force people to upgrade to their more expensive MagicJack Plus?  That type of business model sure works for Microsoft!  Although I guess they made the mistake of making Windows XP work to well.  Comment below if this fix didn’t work or something else has worked for you.  Perhaps flushing the MagicJack down the crapper? LOL!